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  • 2015-16
  • N.G.V.S.PRSANTH (IV-B.Tech, ECE) got placed in CAPGEMINI
  • A.MALLAREDDY & SK.KARIMULLA (IV-B.Tech, ECE) selected for VEDA-IIT. Y.BAGYA CHANDRIKA (III-CSE) Scored 92.36 percentages of marks in III.BTech-Ist Semester. P.SREEKANTH (IV-B.Tech-CIVIL) Selected in Post Graduated programme in NICMAR
  • 2014-15
  • B.RekhaSree (CSE) Paced in INFOSYS.
  • M.Manthru Naik (EEE) got second Prize in State-level running competition.
  • O.CHTAMBARA SASTRI (IV-B.Tech-CIVIL) Selected in Post Graduated programme in NICMAR
  • D Zone Winners in Distric level Cricket.
  • 2013-14
  • A.RaviTeja Qualified (EEE)in Gate. And Placed in INFOSYS.
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Civil Detailes of Laboratories
S.No Room No. Laboratory Name Area (m2) Cost (Rs.)
1 B103

Survey field work lab

42.31 3,20,000
2 B203 Geology Lab 112.45 81,465
3 B106 Strength of Materials lab 144.47 7,91,100
4 A106 Fluid Mechanics Lab 105.56 6,89,560
5 B202 Environmental Engineering Lab 111.5 4,46,300
6 B104 Geotechnical Engineering Lab 83.6 3,54,095
7 B105 Concrete Lab 223.25 2,75,393
8 C109

Transportation Engineering Lab

105.56 2,08,225
9 B210

Civil Engineering Computer Centre

112.72 1,00,000
Survey field work lab:

This course deals with various methods employed for the measurement of areas and volumes and to mark the positions of the proposed structures on the ground by using various techniques. To understand basic surveying methods and use of various instruments for surveying of given geographical locations.

Geology Lab:

The course is intended to explore the scope of geology in terms of Civil Engineering applications and to explain the geological agents and their role in constantly molding the surface of the earth. lab provide hands on experience on identification, methods to find properties of various geographical materials.

Strength of Materials lab:

To impart the students the knowledge to understand the internal behavior of mechanical elements under the action of applied loads. To evaluate the mechanical and physical properties of steel, wood.

Fluid Mechanics Lab:

This course is designed to explain basic concepts of fluid flow through various flow measuring devices, pipe bend, jets and propeller etc. It is expected to understand the basic concepts of flow in open channel, working principle of different types of turbines and pumps and similarity of model and prototype and to create in students awareness about the factors related to determination of efficiencies of hydraulic pumps and turbines.

Environmental Engineering Lab:

Identification of source, estimation of quantity required, treatment of water to the desired degree and conveyance of water to the community are the essential features of water supply. Students are expected to determine water quality, properties of wastewater and its analysis.

Geotechnical Engineering Lab:

The primary objective of this course is to equip the student with the knowledge of how to explore the soil, Determination of various properties of soil like water content, permeability and to conduct compaction test, shear test, consolidation test etc. on soil.

Concrete Lab:

This course is also designed to understand the properties and tests on cement, aggregates and concrete. It also covers the mix design of concrete. To evaluate the mechanical and physical properties of cement.

Transportation Engineering Lab:

The students are expected to design surface drainage system for pavements. Students are expected to conduct the experiments on Aggregates, Bituminous materials and mixes and also on sub grade soils to find out their properties.

Civil Engineering Computer Centre:

The computer centre caters the needs of all four year students. It has all major software’s such CADD, STADD Pro, GIS. All systems are in lan and internet ready.

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