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  • 2015-16
  • N.G.V.S.PRSANTH (IV-B.Tech, ECE) got placed in CAPGEMINI
  • A.MALLAREDDY & SK.KARIMULLA (IV-B.Tech, ECE) selected for VEDA-IIT. Y.BAGYA CHANDRIKA (III-CSE) Scored 92.36 percentages of marks in III.BTech-Ist Semester. P.SREEKANTH (IV-B.Tech-CIVIL) Selected in Post Graduated programme in NICMAR
  • 2014-15
  • B.RekhaSree (CSE) Paced in INFOSYS.
  • M.Manthru Naik (EEE) got second Prize in State-level running competition.
  • O.CHTAMBARA SASTRI (IV-B.Tech-CIVIL) Selected in Post Graduated programme in NICMAR
  • D Zone Winners in Distric level Cricket.
  • 2013-14
  • A.RaviTeja Qualified (EEE)in Gate. And Placed in INFOSYS.
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MECH Department Activities
S.No Name of the Seminars/Conferences/Workshops Type Source
1 Annas fest-2k12(MERITZ -2k12) National Level Technical Symposium College Management & Registration fees
2 Annas fest-2k15(MERITZ -2k15) National Level Technical Symposium College Management & Registration fees
Details on student enrichment programmes (special lectures / workshops / seminar) with external experts
Module Description Any Other Contributory Institute/Industry Duration days Resource Persons Usageand
citation, etc
Training&Practice in Pro-E &ANSYS ADS 15 ADS Project
Training&Practice in Pro-E &ANSYS LVS Technology 1 LVS Technology Mechanical
awareness &
Training & Practice in CAD & Pro-E CANTER CADD 1 CANTER CADD Designing through softwares
Soft skills Globareena 3 Globareena Communication developement
Technical quiz KITS 1 KITS Objective orientation
Workshop on AutoCAD Krest technologies 7 Krest technologies AUTO CAD Exposure
Details on student enrichment programmes (special lectures /workshops /seminar) with external experts Student enrichment programmes :
Work Shop IBM Representative 3 IBM III & IV Batch
Orientation Programme   1 Hindu Educational Plus Club All B.Tech students
Orientation Programme P.Sankara Pichaiah 1 Program On Psycology II,III,IV B.Tech students
National Work Shop On Integrated Operations Real Time Embedded System SD.Ali 1 Creast Technologies IV B.Tech
Youngistan V.Radhakrishna, M.D.Andhrajyothi 1 ABN Andhrajyothi All Students
Programme on hydrogen energy & its applicability PROF.E.Anil Kumar 1 IIT, Indore III, IV B.Tech
Work Shop On Self Entreprenure A.Koti Reddy 1 SMSE,Industrial&Technologies Conultance Organisations Ltd. III, IV B.Tech
Ethical Hacking Work Shop Subham Guptha 1 IIT, Delhi III, IV B.Tech
Auto CAD Workshop G.Santhosh Kumar 5 JKC III, IV B.Tech
Industrial Visit P.Mohan 1 Kumar Pumps & Motors II, IIIB.Tech
Work Shop Indusry Motivation ADA.Prasad 1 CIFTECH. III, IV B.Tech
Mobile Computing work Asif Khan 2 DSS III, IV B.Tech
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