The College was the first Engineering college to get NAAC accreditation in Western Prakasam, Andhra Pradesh.

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Consultancy Policy

Consultancy Policy

Preamble: The Institute-Industry Interaction is the demand of the day. If we want to contribute to society at large, the Institute must closely work with industries and different organizations. Industries and business organizations are facing various kinds of problems, and many of them would like to have help from the academic institutes to find solutions to their problems. For that, the Institute has planned to have the following activities:

Industry Sponsored Research Project (Consultancy): An organization can sponsor a project and the experts of the institution concerned can research the project for which the financial support will come from the organization. As a result, if any patent is registered, then there shall be a sharing of income arising out of the patent among the Industry, Researcher, and Institute. It will lead to three kinds of benefits:

  • the researcher will get exposures to the concerned area of research;
  • the industry will get solutions to its problem; and,
  • the Researcher, Institute and Industry can earn money, and at the end, the society ultimately will benefit.
  • Financial Support received from any organization is divided into the ratio of 90:10.90% of the funds will be given to faculty/PI of the project and remaining 10% of the funds transferred to Institute for Over Heads.

Interdisciplinary Research: The interdisciplinary research is a must nowadays. No department, Institution or researcher can address a research problem in which more than one discipline is involved, and unless they get together and conduct interdisciplinary research, no fruitful findings can arrive yet. Therefore, the Institute has decided to have exercise in multidisciplinary research activities for which the following steps will be taken:

  • Identify an interdisciplinary area.
  • Identify the different experts from concerned disciplines who can work together.
  • Study the requirement of the infrastructure to conduct relevant multidisciplinary research.
  • Explore possibilities to find resources for such interdisciplinary research

Collaborative Research: Institute encourages the faculty to pursue collaborative research activity with industries and academic institutions in India and abroad. Collaborating researchers must consider and decide to manage the following issues prior to the commencement of the research project:

  • Ethics approval and safety clearance
  • Authorship and publication
  • Management of research data and primary materials
  • Conflicts of interest
  • Confidentiality
  • Financial management and commercial returns
  • Reporting to appropriate agencies
  • Project achievement criteria
  • Invoicing and payment
  • Involvement of students and any impact on publications
  • Intellectual property and copyright