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Research Committee


To oversee and supervise Research activities in the Institute and to ensure performance, by proper monitoring of research projects and engagement in all the research thrust areas, with the management.

Reasearch Committee Members

S. No.


Designation & Department



Dr. V. Krishna Reddy




Dr. SK Althaf Hussain Basha

Professor of CSE



Dr. P Prasanna Murali Krishna

Professor of ECE & TPO



Dr. Ch. Kannam Naidu

Professor of CE



Dr. J V Anil Kumar

Professor of CSE



Dr. J V Ramana Reddy

Associate Professor of H&S



Mr. B Ajantha Reddy

Asst.  Professor of ECE



Mr. A Suresh

Asst.  Professor of EEE


Responsibilities of the committee

The Research Committee is responsible for the overall performance of the research activities of the Institute. The primary responsibilities of the committee are as follows:

  • Exploring possibilities of research collaborations, nationally and internationally for long term development.
  • Final assignment of work and fixing linkages and establishing monitoring frame work.
  • Reviewing and monitoring research and development activities in all the four thrust areas so that quality research can be encouraged and slippages can be reduced through pre-established schedules given at the time of allotment of projects.
  • Arranging lectures and seminars periodically to providing academic support and guidance to researchers on the basis of recommendation from Empowered Counseling Committee members.
  • Monitoring quality of dissertations and thesis topics and reports.
  • Giving feedback to researchers and management periodically.
  • To develop and enhance the Institute’s research capacities.
  • To motivate all Faculties to pursue research in their respective areas of expertise.
  • To protect and commercialize the Institute’s intellectual property.
  • To take care of Consultancy activities related to R&D.
  • To provide research and development opportunities for academic staff to maintain enthusiasm, awareness of current scholarship and relevance in teaching and other Institutional activities.
  • To develop the infrastructure conducive to promoting the quality and quantity of research and development.
  • To establish research and development priorities; and monitoring the quality and quantity of school research and development.
  • To promote emerging areas of research and development.
  • To develop mechanisms conducive to the best possible ways of engaging and motivating research staff.
  • To monitor and enhance the quality of research program, projects and the research infrastructure within Institute, including the training of research scholars. To be responsible for the progression of research scholars.
  • To be responsible for the progression of research scholars.
  • To foster the development of multi-disciplinary research endeavours across Faculties and departments.
  • Monitor the research and development performance of individuals, groups, Centers, Schools and Faculties to encourage excellence and productivity by maintaining a database of research and development activities.
  • Oversee the application of the Code of Research Ethics for the responsible practice of research.
  • To formulate incentive schemes for promoting research activities with teachers and students’ scholars. To enhance the quality of postgraduate education to be brought up to an internationally high level. To promote building build strategic, durable partnerships and develop funding solutions with Industries and research Institutions for steering, funding, and cooperation.

Term: The term of the nominated members shall be TWO years.

Meetings: Committee shall meet at least twice in academic year.